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Rattan and Wicker Queen Sleeper Sofas in Every Style and Stain

We offer many styles and stains of
Rattan and Wicker Queen Sleeper Sofas. Each sofa can be purchased separately or as part of a group with other items that match it. We offer you many fabric designs to choose from to make it easy for you to make your own best possible design. From America's largest supplier of indoor sunroom tropical furniture.

1-Vanatu Queen Sleeper Sofa

2- Abaca Lodge Queen Sleeper Sofa

3-Montego Queen Sleeper Sofa

4-Palm Island Queen Sleeper Sofa

5-Antigua Queen Sleeper Sofa

6-Plantation Queen Sleeper Sofa

7-Orchard Park Queen Sleeper Sofa

8-Antigua Loveseat Sleeper

9-Innisbrook Queen Sleeper Sofa

10-Grand Isle Queen Sleeper Sofa

11-Cancun Palm Queen Sleeper Sofa

12-Caliente Sectional Sleeper

13-Bodega Bay Sectional Sleeper

14-Bodega Bay Queen Sleeper Sofa

15-Bodega Bay Uph. Sleeper

16-Bermuda Whitewash Sleeper

17-Bermuda Pecan Queen Sleeper Sofa

18-Malibu Queen Sleeper Sofa

19-Rattan Ranch Queen Sleeper Sofa

20-Aruba Sofa Sleeper

21-Spice Island Daybed

22-Palm Island Sectional Sleeper

23-Captiva Natural Queen Sleeper Sofa

24-Captiva Nat. Sleeper Loveseat

25-Captiva WW Queen Sleeper Sofa

26-Captiva WW Sleeper Loveseat

27-Captiva ANT Queen Sleeper Sofa

28-Captiva ANT Sleeper Loveseat

29-Anchors Away Queen Sleeper Sofa

30-Palm Coast Queen Sleeper Sofa

31-Miami Queen Sleeper Sofa

32-Islands Resort Queen Sleeper Sofa

33-Chippendale Queen Sleeper Sofa

34-Chippendale Loveseat Sleeper

35-Holiday Sleeper Loveseat

36-Holiday Queen Sleeper Sofa

37-Molokai Queen Sleeper Sofa

Buyer's Guide for a Rattan and Wicker Queen Sleeper Sofa

One of the most appealing aspects of rattan furniture is that it can be used as both outdoor and indoor furniture, and it is able to create both a formal and a casual atmosphere. A rattan Queen Sleeper Sofa is comfortable and since we offer many living room suites we also offer many wonderful tropical rattan sofa's. Home makers and decorators will be able to find a living set or rattan sofa that is best able to suit their existing decor. Another appealing aspect of all-natural rattan furniture is that it brings a tropical feel into the home, and many buyers are overjoyed at the long lasting aspects of a rattan sofa. The Orlando Palm living room suite is a great example of one of our more tropical groups with its carved palm tree. Since American Rattan is the biggest supplier of rattan Queen Sleeper Sofas they also carry many various rattan accessories that can be added to compliment the sofa. You can also enhance the appeal of the rattan Queen Sleeper Sofa, with mirrors, coffee tables and paintings.

To place an order for a rattan and wicker Queen Sleeper Sofa you see on our site you can call our toll-free number at: 1-888-265-4695 or place the order through out online shopping cart. Let a handcrafted rattan Queen Sleeper Sofa bring an unmistakable island feel to your home, and decorate your home with all-natural, handcrafted rattan sofas from the leading supplier of rattan furniture and accessories. American Rattan guarantees that their prices are the lowest on the market.

Our knowledgeable crew of experts is ready to provide you personal assistance with a live person who can work with you at our toll-free number: 1-888-265-4695.

High Quality Rattan and Wicker Queen Sleeper Sofas

We also specialize in furnishing large commercial projects & larger discounts for :

rattan and wicker for resorts Here is an example of how we can furnish holiday resorts and restaraunts.
#1 - LOW PRICE GUARANTEE. Provide a link to another company with a lower price on the same item and we will beat it by at least $5.00.
#2 - With our commitment to superior service we have earned an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
#3 - Our daily coupon special is 10% Off orders of $1200 or more. Join our Wicker Club for more great promotions!
#4 - We have 12% Off specials when you buy a dining set and living room set from the same collection.
#5 - Shipping is free on any purchase of $1200 or more. (We also ship to Canada, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska, and the Caribbean)
#6 - We offer "white glove" delivery service upgrade where 2 men will carry your furniture into your home and set it up for you.
#7 - We provide many choices of island style fabrics, stains, and sizes. We will also send you free fabric swatches for your review.
#8 - We offer free rattan and wicker customizing services. You can adjust sizes and stains, or even have us build your own design.
#9 - We can meet your delivery schedules. For example; you need delivery on a certain date to your Florida home? We can do it.
#10 - We are adding American jobs and helping to build our economy. All of our upholstery work is done in the U.S. and some of our suppliers even build and manfacture the furniture here including: molding of the Rattan, sanding, staining, finishing, and upholstery.

What is Wicker and Rattan? Wicker is a weaving process, not a material. One of the materials used in the weaving process is called rattan core, which comes from the rattan interior. A machine cuts the inside of the rattan pole, into pieces small enough in diameter for the weaving. Due to the nature of this product, splits and discolorations in the rattan poles are to be expected. They even enhance the beauty and uniqueness of these handcrafted products. Rattan is among the oldest natural furniture material in use today. Unlike bamboo, which is hollow, rattan is a solid timber vine.

Most wicker and rattan furniture originates from Southeast Asia (Indonesia, the Philippines and China) and is manufactured by hand. After import the product is carefully inspected before assembly and finished in the United States. You will enjoy our indoor and outdoor tropical and island furniture at our super low prices. Our experts are standing by to answer any and all questions you have.

How to Maintain Rattan Furniture and Other Types of Wicker Furniture
- Prevent dust buildup by using a feather duster or the soft brush attachment of a vacuum.
-Wipe the Rattan wicker furniture occasionally with a cloth dampened with water and a mild household cleaner.

We appreciate your comments very much. If you did not find what you were looking for, have more questions,
or just an idea for us to improve please give us a call or send an email.
Please note we also ship to the Caribbean, Hawaii and Alaska. Call for a free quote .
If you have any questions on price and selection please give our experts a call at: 1-888-265-4695
or e-mail: sales@americanrattan.com

Customer Support
We handle customer service problems promptly and a solution is always attained. For all status and support issues we ask that you use our ONLINE FEATURE
at: http://www.americanrattan.com/support.html
You can also email support issues to us at: support@americanrattan.com

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© Copyright 2009 All Rights Reserved -
American Rattan & Wicker Companies

© Copyright 2009 All Rights Reserved -
American Rattan & Wicker Companies

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